INTERVIEW Nicolò Michielin
TALENT Stefano Pilati
WEARING Random Identities

What does love mean to you?

It’s complicated

What have been your sources of inspiration for your work in fashion?

Fashion itself

Today, what are you passionate about in this world?

Not very much

You said about Random Identities: “Random represents the randomness of existence, while identities are the answer to this randomness.” What do you think about the fact that we are not able to explain what we do not know and do not understand, and only understand that which we know? Does everything have an explanation and logical reasoning behind it, or could what is commonly referred to as chance actually be the result of human ignorance?

Without being subjective or generalist, the answer is in the question: Philosophy and fashion are, in my opinion, topical

Can people’s knowledge be defined and limited? Using physics and mathematics as examples, are there universal laws that exist independently of humans? Or are these laws the product of the human interpretation of nature, relying on the perspective of the observer?

Accepting that translating ideas into fashion is a challenging task, but not an impossible one

What is elegance to you?


Who are your favorite authors and what are your favorite books?


What project are you most proud of?

40 years in fashion

How would you define freedom?

Difficult but possible

On average, how much money do you spend per month on accessories or clothing?

Almost nothing

If you could choose, what era would you prefer to live in?

The 1960s

If you could spend a day with a historical figure, who would it be?


If you could go back in time and kill someone, who would it be?

Never look back

Do you believe that human life has a meaning?

Each person answers for himself

What do you think about political messages in fashion?

They are topical

What is your position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

No war

Among those who have the power to be heard by the masses, there is a relatively small number of individuals who expose themselves in this regard. How much do you think the fear of various kinds of repercussions influences this, especially in such a complicated issue as the above?

Tell the masses what you would tell yourself

What can’t you see a man wearing?

Ankleless socks

And on a woman?

The wrong nail polish

Let’s jump forward 80 years in time. If it were 2100, what would you be wearing? How do you imagine an outfit of the future?

I don’t know what I’m going to wear tomorrow, so I design it to have it as soon as possible

Can you give us a definition of art?


Do you think that culture is always good for the individual, or do you think that in some of its declensions, it makes man lose his purity?

It’s a sacred good

Can you give us a list of at least five famous people you would like to see at a party?

It’s too personal

If you could eliminate globalization with the push of a button, would you do it?

Yes, I would

What about social media?

No, I wouldn’t

What about the States?

No, I wouldn’t

Can you describe yourself with three adjectives?


What do you think people say about you?

Too exhausting

The superpower you wish you had but don’t?

Being almighty

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is money to you? What about fame?

Zero and 10

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important do you think fame and wealth are in attracting a partner?

I would rather be conquered

And beauty?

No one can say

What about intelligence?

It’s everything

What do you think about the current cultural trend toward political correctness in both society and the fashion industry? Do you believe it is heading in the right direction, or has it gone too far?

I am concerned about who invented it

The smartest person you know?

It’s the one you know

Do you think that in the future, AI could even replace the designer’s job? Would you see it as a natural step in the evolutionary process, or a process to be stopped in order to preserve an anthropocentric status quo?

I look forward to it, the craftsmanship remains intact anyway

In your opinion, is there such a thing as non-natural? If we consider humans to be part of nature, is everything that emanates from us to be considered natural? If not, why do you not consider humans to be part of nature?

We live in the hope of not forgetting that we are not part of nature

Do you think it would be right to create a place where people can live in the state of nature by freeing themselves from the choice of social belonging that is otherwise taken for granted?

If we do not create it for ourselves, it cannot be desirable for anyone

For example, do you think that killing an ant is the same as killing a dolphin? In that sense, do you think that the lives of living beings are all on the same level, or do you evaluate them on the basis of their functionality in relation to human beings?

I only have time to focus on the human being. The rest is empathy

The most valuable material thing you own?

The iPhone

Your best talent?

A sense of freedom

Your worst flaw?


Do you believe that certain social groups, especially those with much fame and money, lack certain values?

It could be easier, but presently, it’s chaotic

What pisses you off the most in the world today?

Bad taste

Do you live better by knowing more things or by ignoring them?

You need to know how to ignore

What do you think about cancel culture?

It has always been there; now it is a rallying cry

Can you tell us when you think a person is cool and when they are not?

By simply asking

If you had to tell one person to fuck off, who would it be? And why?

I tend to hold back

Can you tell us the craziest anecdote you have experienced or witnessed in the world of fashion?


Do you have a political orientation?

Fashion x queer culture

If you could make one wish, what would it be?

No war

Your parents’ jobs?


Your favorite brand?

Comme des Garçons

Who do you think is the most influential person in the fashion world today?

Miuccia Prada

And in the past?


If we opened your closet, would we find fast fashion items?

Yes, you would

Do you think patriarchal dynamics are present in show business?

They are still present

Have you ever felt discriminated against? If so, can you tell us an anecdote?

Born in 1965 – gay