In Conversation with DJ Kaiser

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Whether it’s Freddy’s K’s epic Berghain closing sets, Pablo Bozzi and Luigi de Venere’s colourful Italo disco, or Caterina Barbieri and Claudio PCR’s out-there electronics, Italian electronic musicians have sizable clout in Berlin’s club scene. One of the scene’s rising names is the Italian techno producer and DJ Kaiser.

Anyway, Hemingway

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I was running late, so Angela went inside the house to wait for me. When she came in, I was in front of the mirror tying my tie.


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“Clothes have become the Trojan horse, bringing art into the most intimate and everyday dimensions of life.”


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Unveiling the profound ambiguity of an intriguing and ever-lasting object through “Paraventi: Folding Screens from the 17th to 21st Centuries”, curated by Nicholas Cullinan at Fondazione Prada in Milan.


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“Architects are among the few professional figures capable of translating policies and new ways of inhabiting the planet into ‘space.’ We are already in a paradigm shift, we just don’t know it yet.”


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It wrote January 2023, when the paths of Giammi and Ina collided, orchestrated by an introduction from Ina's vivacious roommate.

Pasta/ Basta

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Italian food has always been THE food of my heart. Bolognese, caprese, spaghetti, pizza, ravioli, tiramisù, lasagna, sorbetto, ossobuco, gelato, ragù,… the list of amazing Italian dishes is endless and just listing them makes my mouth water, a sentiment I think almost anyone who gives a d*mn about food agrees with

Gibellina Metaphysics

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An abandoned gem of art and architecture in the middle of Sicily. Just waiting to be rediscovered.